Name: Roy Fox
Birthday: August 24th
Influences: Genesis, Yes, Gentle Giant, Frank Zappa, Steely Dan
Favorite Book: The Diviners
Favorite Movie: Life of Brian
Favorite Drink: Rum Runner
Favorite Song Lyric: “He employed me as a Karma-mechanic, with overall charms, his hands were then fit to receive alms” - Genesis

Ever since I can remember, I banged on things with sticks. I think a great deal of my orignal inspiration came from the fact that my Dad was in a band in the late 60’s, and on more then one occasion I got to watch them rehearse.

When I got my first set of drums around the age of 7, I stopped hitting the furniture. I learned to play by playing along to records – The Archies were an early favourite. A friend’s older brother played me Genesis’s Selling England by the Pound when I was 13. I remember borrowing that record and trying to play along. Needless to say, Phil Collin's playing on this album was far beyond my skills as a 13 year old, but the experience certainly opened my eyes to a world of music that was a little more exciting and complex than what I had been listening to. Early drumming influences would have to been Neil Peart - his monster double-bass kits, and drum solo from All the World's a Stage kept me in awe for some time. I progressed through the rest of the Prog Rock pantheon : Yes, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Brand X, Steve Hackett, etc, all the while expanding my musical horizons.

I tried out for a band called “Crisis” in the spring of 1980, and to my surprise, got the job. Crisis became Tokyo Rose (Mk II ) and we played together until the spring of ’83. I pretty much retired after that stint, playing in a few bands for short periods of time over the years – until the call came from the Junkies...
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