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Lead Vocals
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/ Guitar
Mike Crepin
Old enough to know better!
March 29th
Just about any song writer whose life was changed by "Sergeant Pepper".
Seven Habits
Godfather, Field of Dreams
Rye & Diet Coke
ďAnd though we are as nothing to the stars up in the sky, you are my universe" ... few can say it like JT


I have been playing as far back as I can remember. Growing up, my Dad was a part time Jazz musician, and within the family we all played two or three instruments.Music and sports was the focal point of "The Crepin's".

Seriously injuring my ACL at 14 meant that playing music remained the best vehicle to "Get the Chicks"! Turning professional at 17, I played with "The Junkies" current Bass Player, Barry Meredith, in the very forgettable Strider" ... decent enough of a line up, we just couldn't teach the Disco crowd to dance to "Heart of the Sunrise" ... we were however, stubborn enough to starve trying ...

With my stomach getting the better of me, I joined forces with other like Souls, in a band called "Gleneagle" so I could eat. We had just enough success (a top 20 hit with "Don't Fool Yourself") to chase the elusive dream for a bit too long ... in the mid 80's, Gleneagle along with two other notable Ottawa bands of the time (Fist & Mainstream) dissolved. The journeymen of these three bands joined forces to take another kick at the can ... being Nu Members in each other's bands, naming our "Nu" band was easy ... "Nu Members". Although this line up gained an instant following, common sense and my new family brought me back to earth. Amazing ... I stopped playing in 87, and had bought a house and a new car by 1988. Didn't sing or pick up a guitar again until 2003.

Eking out a living in the High Tech sector has been fun, but how I came back to playing is a novel within itself, so I won't bore you with it in this forum ... just don't feed me too many rye and diet's and ask the question. Sufficient to say, that I too, feel lucky to be playing with this talented and great bunch of guys. The passion I have to play right now rivals what I felt when I was 14, and I think it's because the guys I get to play with are "like souls" with a new passion "to play again" like myself. I think it'll be evident to you too when you make it out to see "Dah Junkies"...



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