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/Guitar Synth / Percussion / Vocals
Brian Randall Sim
May 24th
Prog Rock, Jazz, East Indian Classical
Lord of the Rings
Life Of Brian, Gladiator
“Elephant Talk”


I started learning the guitar during the Beatlemania era in 1964. My life had changed at the age of 11 as I started taking my first guitar lessons and I formed my first band The Atoms in 1965 while in grade 7. Starting with The Beatles and that whole original "British Invasion" thing, my early musical education progressed with The Doors, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and hundreds more.

Then in 1971, I discovered Yes and my whole life changed again. Along with Gentle Giant, Genesis, King Crimson and other "progressive rock" influences, my musical horizons broadened swiftly and significantly. Next came along Mahavishnu Orchestra and Return To Forever to take over my life and I have been a keen follower of jazz since then. To coincide with these new and limitless musical directions, I started to play professionally in Ottawa bands such as Larkspur and Avalon which encouraged and inspired my interest in composing and recording.

In 1979, I decided it was time to get a "real" job and I entered the more "profitable" world of high tech and joined a software development company called Systemhouse. I continued my musical forays playing in "part time" bands such as The Press (1981 Share Chez 106 winners), The Zeroes, Butler, Bombay and Crucial Moments. I was awarded first place (Ottawa Regional Finals) in the first national Guitar Warz competition in 1989 (taking home a new Fender Stratocaster guitar - to stand proudly beside my other 13 guitars) and competed in the Ontario finals where I took second place. I was always interested in expanding the sound of the guitar and began experimenting with guitar synthesizers, "soundscapes" and "soundtrack" music and still continue to pursue this avenue.

I also "discovered" East Indian Classical, Middle Eastern and other Asian, African, Carribean and South American forms of music, in particular from the rhythmic and percussive perspective and also for which I continue to integrate into my guitar playing. I started "acquiring" a large selection of "ethnic" hand drums and various other percussion instruments. Finally, after 24 long years working at Systemhouse, I returned to the career where I truly belonged and truly longed for again - music. After a brief experience in the recording industry, I started teaching guitar and bass and continue to do so at the present time. I also participate in various recording projects using my 24-track digital recording workstation. I currently perform in 6 bands, including The Cooper Brothers, The Five Man Electrical Band and, of course, The Groove Junkies. I look forward to new, exciting and rewarding musical challenges.  


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